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Lift Gate Instructions

Lift Gate Service

Please be aware that any product requiring a lift gate will be shipped and delivered by a trucking company such as Roadway, Con-way, or one of the other trucking companies. Items can be shipped by a trucking company for many reasons such as weight and size of product, packaging of the product in a crate or on a pallet (wooden platform) which ground carriers cannot deliver. Due to this fact we would like to make you aware of some important facts.

If you are not having your product delivered to a business with a loading dock or a fork lift you will need to add the lift gate option to your shopping cart when adding the product.

What is a lift gate?

A lift-gate is a mechanism on the truck that lowers your shipment from the truck bed to the ground, which is required if you do not have a forklift or loading dock.. Occasionally there is a need for a special size truck if the delivery site is not accessible by 18 wheelers, which incurs an additional fee. We will contact you before shipping if additional charges will apply. If you do not purchase Lift Gate Service and your shipment has to be rescheduled upon delivery because you do not have the means to unload it, you will be responsible for a rescheduling fee as well as the lift gate fee. Please see shipping information in the customer service section for more information regarding a truck delivery.