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Floor Fountain Buyer's Guide

Easy to read guide to help you find your next floor fountain or water wall.

Let's be honest - the soothing trickle of a floor fountain leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and reinvigorated. And what's not to love about that? Whether you're simply searching for an eye-catching accent, or you'd like to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in your home or office, you'll find all the info you're looking for inside this short guide.

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The Ultimate Guide to Water Fountains

Part 1: The Anatomy of a Floor Fountain

The most common parts on a typical floor water feature. Components will vary based on model, options and brand.


Part 2: Choosing Your Fountain Placement

Floor Fountains can be placed in many locations. Follow these tips to find the right spot.

  • Location

    If you plan to place your fountain outside, the fountain needs to have the appropriate electrical wiring, materials, and water protection.
  • Sound Level

    If you plan to use the floor fountain for sound mitigation, you'll want to place the fountain a little closer to your customers/clients.
  • Proper Room Size

    The room or outside area that you select for the fountain should be large enough for the amount of sound and humidity the fountain will produce.
  • High Visibility

    Select a space that's highly visible, but avoid areas where the fountain could obstruct walkways.
  • Power Supply

    A power supply should be within a few feet of the fountain's location.
  • Out of Reach

    If you want to prevent kids from playing/touching the fountain, choose an area that's out of easy reach.

Part 3: Choosing the Size for your Floor Fountain

Small, Medium, Large, or GiantOr - Tall, Grande, Venti, and Trenta if you're a Starbucks fan like us. :)


The size and customization of a fountain determine how much it costs. Like most things, the larger the fountain, the more the expense. If you're on a tight budget, a stock fountain will usually give you the largest fountain for your buck.

Room Size

Consider the size of the room and choose a fountain that will keep things proportional.

Ceiling Height

We recommend choosing a fountain that will leave at least 1 foot of distance between the top of the fountain and your ceiling (check specific fountains requirements). This requirement might be different if you are building part of the room around the fountain.


Part 4 : Choosing Stock vs. Custom

Many water wall can be purchased as stock (no modifications) or custom (you can change the size). Use these tips to help decide.


Stock fountains cost less because they are standard items that are mass produced. Custom items require additional design and production costs, thus they cost considerably more.

Delivery Time

Stock fountains are typically ready to ship fast. Custom fountains require more time to manufacture.

Special Sizes & Options

If you need a custom height or width, auto drain, auto fill, UV sterilization, etc., a custom fountain is the best option because you can add and remove features based on your specific needs.

Helpful Hint

We recommend trying to get a stock water wall at first. If that isn't possible, then you can look into having custom modifications made.

Part 5: Floor Fountain Materials

A floor water feature's style is most often based on the materials used.

  • imgIcon

    CopperCopper has been a popular fountain material for thousands of years. It is particularly popular in floor fountains for its distinct coloring and durability.


    Glass/MirrorGlass floor fountains are available in a variety of styles and offer a high-end touch to any room.

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    Stainless SteelStainless steel floor fountains area available in a variety of modern designs and add a modern touch to your home or office.


    MarbleMarble floor fountains are available in a variety of colors and combine the elegance of natural stone and running water.

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    SlateHeavy and durable, slate floor fountains offer natural beauty with an ornate look.


    GraniteGranite floor fountains are known for their durability while also providing subtle beauty in a variety of natural stone shades and colors.

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    Lightweight SlateLightweight slate provides a variety of color variations while incorporating natural beauty in your floor fountain.

    Shop: Copper, Slate, Stainless, Glass/Mirror, Other Materials

    Specialty MaterialsSpecialty material fountains created from fiberglass resin allow you to choose from a variety of designs and styles in various different colors.

    Note: Stone materials will vary in color and texture.

Part 6: Add a Logo to Your Floor Fountain

Personalize with your company brand or personal message.

Adding a logo to your floor fountain or water wall is the perfect way to promote your business. You'll be able to create a spectacular, customized look that sends a message of professionalism to your customers.

We've got all the info you need in the Logo Fountain Buyer's Guide. Take a look!


Part 7: Installing a Floor Fountain

For a fast, easy setup, follow the general guidelines listed below.

  • Read Instructions - Take the time to thoroughly read all of the installation instructions. Trust us, skipping this step will make things much more complicated.
  • Basic Tools & Skills Needed - Don't worry; you won't need many tools or very much skill. Most fountains arrive already assembled. In that case, you might spend more time getting the fountain out of the shipping packaging than actually assembling it.
  • Level Floor - To ensure proper water flow, place the fountain on a flat, level surface.
  • Power Outlet - For the cleanest installation, install an outlet behind the area you place your fountain. If that's not possible, make sure you have an outlet within 3 feet of the fountain.
  • Ask for Help - If the fountain is large and heavy, be sure to ask for assistance.

Part 8: Maintaining your Floor Fountain

Keep your fountain running for years with these maintenance tips.

  • Maintenance Instructions - Always start by reading the instructions provided by the fountain manufacturer.
  • Distilled Water - We recommend using distilled water in your fountain to help reduce white scale build-up.
  • Water Levels - If your fountain runs out of water, it will damage the fountain pump; always maintain proper water levels in the fountain.
  • Preventing Algae & White Scale - Regularly use water treatments to help prevent algae and white scale build-up.
  • Regular Cleaning - Over time, your fountain will collect dust and dirt that will need to be cleaned out. This usually involves removing the water, wiping out the water reservoir, cleaning the pump, and wiping down the fountain.

Part 9: Find the Right Floor Fountain

Now it is time to go and search for your next floor fountain.


Now that you've learned the basics, it's time for us to help you figure out which fountain is the best one for your unique needs. We're just a phone call or mouse click away. Contact one of our fountain specialists or browse our large selection of Floor Fountains today!

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