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Custom Water Fountains
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Let us know your ideas and we will assist you in the planning and building of your new custom fountain.

Custom Water Features

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STEP 1 : Define Your Needs
Custom Water Fountain

We will discuss your project and determine the requirements. We will review the placement of the fountain, materials desired, optional equipment, delivery deadlines and budget.

STEP 2 : Recommedations
Custom Water Features

After we have reviewed your needs we will then make recommendations on the best type of water fountain for your need that will fit within your budget. Often we are able to locate a standard (non-custom) fountain that will work which saves the customer money.

STEP 3 : Proposal / Quote
Custom Fountains

Once the fountain requirements are complete we will prepare a quote for your review. Any changes in optional equipment or features can be made at this point. You can review the quote with your project team as needed.

STEP 4 : Production
Custom Water Fountains

Once the proposal is agreed upon the production of your fountain begins. We will keep you updated during this stage. The time needed to complete the custom fountain will be based on the complexity of the project.

STEP 5 : Delivery
Custom Water Features

When your fountain is complete we will arrange to have it delivered to your location for installation. Depending on the project you may choose to install the fountain or have professional installers do it for you.

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Ordering Custom Water Fountains

Where an endeavor such as choosing a custom water fountain is concerned, there will always be the rugged individualists. These customers will want something all their own. Whether the custom water feature they want is one emblazoned with a corporate logo or simply something uniquely their own, our technicians and customer service people can make certain that one gets exactly what they want.

It Starts with Communication

Our customer service people can help create any custom fountain. It starts by determining if the custom water fountain desired can be created by modifying an existing fountain or if it is an entirely new design. Either way, the manufacturers with whom we work will be contacted to determine the feasibility and to get an estimate.

Considering the Space

Custom water fountains are oftentimes sought by those who have a particularly odd space to fill. For instance, a given model of fountain may be perfect, if only it were a few inches smaller. Custom water fountain designs are oftentimes standard designs scaled up or down to accommodate variations in the available space.

Making it Personal

We can add logos or other embellishments to make a truly custom water feature. Oftentimes, corporate customers want these fountains for display purposes. Materials such as metal and glass make excellent places to locate a corporate logo and we can ensure that the custom fountain reflects a good image for the company that ordered it.

Years of Experience

Having been in business for over 10 years, custom fountains are not a new product for us. We’re experienced with every phase of creating a custom water features, from the concept to consulting with manufacturers to getting estimates. There are really no limits to what one can do and custom fountains provide a compelling method of self-expression!