Why Water Walls

Water wall fountains are a dramatic feature in any room. Large panels that take up significant wall space, a water wall is designed to be a feature that defines a room, though they can also be incorporated into existing designs. They are also popular as corporate decorations, lending an air of affluence to any room in which they're located.

Flexible Options

A water wall can be made out of a variety of materials. Bright silver and yellow metals are dramatic and modern. Copper has a more stately feel. Glass and other materials add their own unique character to water wall fountains. No matter what your style, there are options available.

How they Improve a Room

A water wall can set off a room or completely transform it. The presence of such a large water feature adds a unique character to a room that speaks of luxury. In a corporate environment or at an office, they add a classy and memorable touch to the surroundings. the sight and sound of water is also very relaxing for most people.

Weight and Shipping

Obviously, a large water feature such as a water wall will be of considerable weight. The structure of the room has to be taken into account before installing one of these features. Water wall fountains can be shipped inexpensively, so fear of the rates shouldn't make you hesitate about ordering one of these dramatic features.