Cortina Garden Fountain
Cortina Garden Fountain
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Estancia Wall Fountain
Estancia Wall Fountain
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Andalusia Garden Fountain
Andalusia Garden Fountain
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Design Options for Stone Wall Fountains

There are few elements that connote such classic charm as does a stone wall fountain. The availability of so many different designs makes them suitable for just about any wall. Stone fountains come in designs which are much more sophisticated than people may think. Many designs combine the beauty of stone with other elements.

Finding a Stone Wall Fountain

One can start their search by determining the exact nature of what they have in mind. Some stone wall water fountains feature particularly beautiful cuts of stone but little more. Others feature stone which is carved with designs or which features metal accents. Whatever design of stone wall fountain one chooses, expect flexibility.


One should dedicate some time to selecting their wall. Stone fountains will look best in an area where they are given prominent placement. Not doing so rather wastes the effect a stone wall water fountain can add to a room. Make certain that there is lighting which will emphasize the stone wall fountain when the space is otherwise dark. Lighting adds to the look of the water.

The Right Look

The variation available in stone water fountains makes them one of the most flexible choices on the market. Some individuals prefer stone wall water fountains which emulate as closely as possible the natural look of a waterfall. Others prefer more artistic license in the designs, such as stone wall water fountains with designs inscribed into the stone.

Combinations of Materials

Stone wall water fountain designs sometimes have metal flakes within the stone itself. This is sometimes a naturally-occurring feature of the stone. Other designs of stone wall water fountains have such elements added deliberately with a specific design goal. The right combination of materials on any stone water fountain is entirely a choice for the individual.