Thin Twisted Fountain Top
Thin Twisted Fountain Top
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Stone Pineapple Fountain
Stone Pineapple Fountain
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Three Tier Stone Garden Fountain with basin
Three Tier Stone Garden Fountain with basin
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The Legendary Strength of Granite

Among the various stones used to manufacture goods, granite is one of the most durable. Granite garden fountains, however, offer much more than durability. Granite is a stone possessed of some of the most subtle and beautiful variations that one is likely to find anywhere. When it is sculpted into a beautiful fountain, these features are only more impressive.

The Appeal of Color

Granite comes in a variety of colors. Granite outdoor fountains can be purchased which are of a bluish-gray color and of every shade in between that and almost black. This has long been a part of granite's tremendous appeal as a material for building and for artistic pursuits. The color variations make it possible to find items which are almost custom in their effect.

Shapes and Sizes

Granite garden fountains can be found in most popular designs. From dome-topped bowls to tall and narrow columns, this material is nothing if not versatile. It is also strong enough to be relied upon for many years. Granite is hard and resistant to environmental damage. Not all of the benefits of a granite outdoor fountain are so practical, however.


With water cascading over it, the variations on a granite garden fountain are emphasized in the most delicate and striking of ways. This stone, though it is very common and widely-used, cannot be denied as being a very beautiful material. It has an elegance which will make itself a part of any garden in which it is placed.


All of our fountains are of the highest quality. Granite water fountains are available in numerous designs and, though there is much variation between one and the next, quality is the consistent factor. Any other retail price will be matched upon the customer's request.