Solar Water Fountains

For those who want to make their garden space a truly green place, in all senses of the word, solar fountains are an excellent solution. Solar water fountains offer all of the charm of a standard fountain with the exception that there is no electricity required to operate them. The sound of the water and the visual appeal is all there, the electricity isn't.

Design Variety

Due to there being no electricity involved, solar garden fountains can be placed almost anywhere. This means that even the most complex of garden layouts can be easily accommodate a solar garden fountain as a focal water feature. There are far more solar fountain applications than simple ornaments, however. Some have as much function as they do form.

Feathered Friends

Solar birdbaths are a great way to attract some avian visitors to the garden. A solar birdbath is able to recirculate water for free, of course and provides birds with a constantly circulated bath in which to play. These features are excellent additions to any garden and their lack of an electric hookup allows one to accommodate the birds and place it in an out of the way but visible spot.


Solar powered fountains come in more ornate designs, as well. Cascade solar fountains use the power of the sun to keep a constant supply of water circulating around complex features. Bowls that pour into one another and other creative designs make the entire affair as fun as it is green and energy efficient.


Solar powered fountains are excellent for those who have a particular concern about the environment. The water is circulated over and over again and the entire unit is powered by the sun, which means zero waste. The wide variety of designs ensures that there are solar fountains that will suit any taste.