Outdoor Water Features

Garden water features can create a truly magical environment. They allow you to transform your yard or porch into a place that is soothing and tranquil. Garden fountains or fountains stationed boldly on the front of a property make a statement of affluence. Smaller fountains can be elegant and understated.

Designs and Variety

There are literally so many different designs for outdoor water features and garden fountains that the choices are endless. Materials range from stone to metals to manmade materials. Being stationed outside, large stone pieces are not impractical. Smaller outdoor fountains can be placed anywhere and they make some of the most attractive options for garden fountains!

Different Types of Beauty

Garden water features can be incorporated into most any landscape. Asian-inspired garden fountains bled well with intricate and very sculpted landscapes. A large, multi-tiered stone fountain looks magnificent on a large lawn and is an excellent piece to light up at night. There are also very visually compelling designs, such as fountains with ornate backings and fountains with unique shapes.

Shipping and Weight Concerns

Outdoor water features and garden fountains can both be very heavy items. Especially if you choose one of the very large fountains as a showpiece in your yard, the weight can be significant. There are options to have them shipped for free, however, and this makes it very cost-effective to have these items sent to your door.

Price Matching

If you see any garden fountain or other outdoor feature for less somewhere else, we'll match the price. Fountains for outdoor use tend to be bigger and more complex affairs than indoor fountains, but the can e surprisingly affordable. The price of adding one of these classic features to your outdoor environment is not intimidating and choosing options can be very fun.