Calais Disappearing Fountain Reservoir
Calais Disappearing Fountain Reservoir
Your Price: $253.00
Caterina Fountain in Basin
Caterina Fountain in Basin
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Selecting Fountain Basins

Some fountains look better with a more noticeable basin. Fountain basins can take a fountain to the next level and add a charming water feature of its own. There are numerous models available. Some fountain containers are not meant to be seen and are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Other fountain basins are designed to enhance or alter the look of a fountain.

The Practical

Practical fountain basins oftentimes are designed to be very unnoticeable. Some of them are termed "disappearing" in fact. These offer a stable base for one's fountain and, oftentimes, they can improve the function of the fountain by providing a steady and constant supply of water to the pump. These devices are very popular enhancements for many fountains.

The Showy

Some fountain containers are all about style. Some individuals choose to purchase larger fountain basins, especially for outdoor applications. This allows one to easily alter the look of their fountain. If one wishes for more water space, this is an excellent solution to those concerns, as well, and the impetus behind many fountain basin purchases.


Some fountain basins are designed to lend a particular look to the area around the fountain. Imitation well tops, for instance, are one of the more popular types of fountain containers. These options are excellent ways to make certain that an entire garden or other space can be modified to fit a particular theme.

Making the Choice

If one is uncertain about the suitability of any particular fountain container, our customer service people are always ready to assist. Purchasing the right fountain basin can offer a way to truly customize the look of one's water feature. Making the right selection sometimes requires a bit of guidance from an experienced expert in the field.