Floating Faucet Fountain

Part of the charm of a fountain is that it can be used to create an illusion. Usually, the illusion is simply that of a waterfall or other water feature mimicked by the fountain. Floating faucet water fountains are an illusion in and of themselves. The effect is really quite convincing and is sure to catch the eye of people who pass by.

How it Works

Floating faucet water fountains make use of clear pipes to feed the faucet element of the fountain. From a distance, it is not all apparent that there is a pipe running to the faucet. The faucet simply appears to hover in midair above the collection element of the fountain. Floating faucet water fountain designs vary quite a bit from one to the next.

Designs and Features

Floating faucet fountains come in designs which feature watering cans and which feature buckets. Rocks are added to the receptacles to allow the proper function of the fountain and to support the clear pipes. Buried in the rocks, the pipes are almost invisible. The floating faucet water fountains have a low to moderate noise level.


Floating faucet water fountains do well inside the home or out. In a garden, the watering bucket or watering can has an obvious charm. These are available in myriad designs including copper. Inside, they add a nice touch to a large plant or other feature. Some splashing may occur but this can be easily remediated by lowering the level of rocks.


One will need to purchase rocks from their local hardware store for the floating faucet fountain. Sandstone, gravel and pebbles are not recommended. The setup procedure is very easy and, with over 10 years of customer service experience, our clients can always count on attentive assistance should it be required.