Zen Water Fountains- Asian-influenced Water Features to Bring Tranquility to Your Home or Office

The idea of Zen certainly promotes the concept of simplicity, or a less is more approach to living. In a world where chaos is nearly constant and anxiety is all too common, the application of this principle to our daily lives is becoming almost a necessity. Zen implores us to create spaces that are open and free of clutter. This creates a sense of serenity that is proven to help make work easier by making it easier to focus, relax, and concentrate. Using Zen water fountains to help create such a space can be an excellent idea for any room.

Asian water features can take a number of shapes and designs. From small towers that implement the different elements of Feng Shui to create balance to fountains that rely more on the amplified sound of running or falling water, there are a number of ways to attain the sensation of Zen. There are numerous tabletop fountains that offer these principles as well as standing fountains and wall fountains. Keep in mind that employing other methods of serenity and Feng Shui into your home or office will help your fountain create a much more relaxing and peaceful effect.

One thing that is very important when it comes to Zen and Feng Shui is organization. Clutter and disorganization will create a sense of chaos within any space and will greatly disrupt the flow of energy throughout the room, negating the effects of your Asian water features. Likewise, using too many decorations will clutter the room visually. Rotate the photos, decorations, and other items that you display so that there is always an open feeling to the room. Last, take the time to create a design that is asymmetrical. Even numbers and perfect symmetry represent a stagnant energy level.

Using odd numbers and placing items at varying distances from one another can help promote a more positive flow of energy throughout the space.

When you install Zen water fountains within a space, you will find that the room feels more relaxed and harmonious. Falling water will help create a sense of serenity, while the look of the fountain and the balance of elements will create a visually appealing space and a positive energy flow. Keep the principles of simplicity and asymmetry in mind and always keep the area free of clutter. These fountains offer a great way to make your space better and to help you alleviate stress in the places where you feel it the most.

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