Winterize Your Solar Fountain

Fall is here and winter is around the corner. Temperatures may have already reached freezing at least once in your area. If you have a solar fountain in your garden, or any outdoor fountain, now is the time winterize it. If you live in an area where the temperature does not go below freezing you may choose to operate your solar fountain year around.  If you do decide to operate it all year, any time there is a chance of freezing you should cover the fountain.

The first step to winterizing your solar fountain is to drain all the water from it and allow the fountain to completely dry. The stone of natural stone fountains absorb water so they will need time to dry out. If they are not completely dry and it freezes outside, the water in the stone will expand and may crack your fountain. In addition, any water left in the pipes will expand during a freeze and crack the pipes. You do not want to have to repair your fountain before you can use in the spring.

Next, you should take the pump out of the fountain and dismantle the fountain for storage. This may require disconnecting the solar panel and removing it from its stand if it is separate from the fountain. The pump is best preserved in water during the winter preventing rubber parts from drying and cracking. It should be stored inside where there is no chance of freezing. If your fountain is not made of natural material the potential for this type of damage is small.

The fountain should be properly stored or covered. If the fountain cannot be dismantled relatively easily and is too heavy to store inside, once it is dry it should be covered completely with an insulated, waterproof cover. This will help protect it during freezing times. Specially made covers are available for many statutes and fountains. The most important thing is to keep moisture out of the fountain so it doesn’t freeze and damage it. Even if not made of natural materials, it’s a good idea to cover the fountain in the winter to protect it from the weather and debris.

If the solar fountain can be stored it should be in a cool, dry place to prevent problems with moisture and heat. It is not necessary to cover a fountain stored inside, but is not a bad idea in any event.