Why You Should Use Distilled Water in Your Water Feature

If you have a wall mounted or tabletop water fountain in your home then you may have heard others saying that it’s best to use distilled water instead of tap water. Why should you use distilled water? Feature pieces like water fountains and floor fountains are usually not considered sources of drinking water. It would be cheaper to use tap water, right? Besides, what purpose would using distilled water serve?

Mainly, distilled water can help to keep mineral deposits from developing inside the water feature. Mineral deposit scale can form over time and cause your fountain to look dirty. In addition to making your beautiful fountain ugly, these deposits can affect the performance of the pump, which is the object that re-circulates the water. Because the pump has to work harder than normal, you will have to replace the pump before its natural time.

Distilled water is much cleaner than tap or hose water. Using this superior quality water can stop mineral deposits from forming inside water features. Distilled water is free from most of the chemicals and pollutants that infest regular tap water. Without these extra chemicals, it is less likely that mineral scale will develop.

Tap water contains hard water deposits, mineral deposits and calcium. All of these substances are difficult to remove from water once they are inside. It’s best to not even use tap water if a distilled alternative is available. Besides distilled water, you can also use white scale water treatment. This treatment can clean up your tap water to an extent and make it safer for a water feature. Superior quality water will prevent premature pump damage due to hard water build up.

Distilled water is water than has been treated through a process of distillation. This process removes most of the impurities. Distilling water involves first boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a perfectly clean container. Most of the solids will be left behind. You can find distilled water from the local supermarket or you can invest in a filtration device. Note that not all water filters actually use a comprehensive process of distillation. Some will only clean the water but still leave in various impurities like fluoride, organic compounds and other chemicals.

If your pets occasionally drink from a water feature then this is another reason to use only distilled water. To avoid extra maintenance and to keep your house safer, make sure your water features use pure and distilled water sources.

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