Why Purchase a Fountain for Your Nail Salon?

Salons are places where customers go to get a little bit of specialized care and a measure of relaxation. Even locations that specialize in one service such as a nail salon will want their customers to be completely comfortable, relaxed, and at ease during a visit. This is the reason that a specialized nail salon fountain should be considered when designing or decorating the space.

What sort of fountain could be used in such a location? A nail studio fountain could be a wall mounted unit, a tabletop fountain, or even a very large floor fountain, and it all simply depends upon the amount of space available. One thing available to almost any shop of any size would be a wall mounted fountain with the business logo engraved or etched into its background.

For example, such a nail salon fountain might be made from a thick slab of clear acrylic, and the studio logo could be artfully etched into the panel. The illumination built into such a fixture would accent the etching and catch the many glimmers off the moving water. This sort of choice could instantly create the ideal sort of glamour and prestige that is so desirable to a business owner.

Consider that many consumers are attracted to the sound of the water, but a well-designed nail studio fountain will also create an impression of success because it is an uncommon and somewhat luxurious installation.

Apart from the logo fountain, what is the most suitable choice for a nail salon fountain? As stated earlier, a business owner could select a simple tabletop fixture, a large floor fixture, or the various wall-mounted styles. In fact, a complete design scheme could be created and then implemented through the use of various water fixtures throughout the space. Consider the impact of a small wall fountain in the lobby, a tabletop fixture at the reception desk, and a few subsequent fountains within each treatment room or area. Because so many shops, studios and salons are viewed in terms of “spa” treatments, the incorporation of fountains and plants can easily add to the overall sense of escape that many people desire when having beauty treatments done.

It is important to remember that any nail studio fountain should be kept well-maintained in order to reduce any discoloration to the water and to prevent the build-up of bacteria. Remember that many people will have a tendency to dip their fingers into the gently splashing water, and a reliance on distilled water along with a frequent schedule of cleaning will prevent any negative issues from occurring.

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