Why Can’t Indoor Fountains Be Used Outdoors?

Here’s a question why is there such a thing as  indoor water fountains and an outdoor fountains? Shouldn’t you be able to take a fountain inside or outside at will? Well, there are some fountains that do have this feature. However, most of the indoor fountains you see advertised cannot be taken outside. Why?

Most interior fountains are electrically powered. They have power cords and plugs as well as built-in lighting. Outdoor fountains are specially made and have UL-approved grounding plugs. These plugs protect the fountain from electric shock in the event of moisture occurring. Additionally, there are shroud devices that protect the lights from moisture. Just imagine if your indoor water fountains powered by electricity met up with moisture from the outside world!

The outdoor water fountain (made for this traveling purpose) usually has a special finish that interior fountains don’t have. That means the finish can stand up to wet weather and other earthy elements. If you put an indoor water fountain outside then rest assured, before long, the finish would peel, crack, fade and slowly deteriorate into nothing. Not only can moisture affect the finish, but sunlight and wind are similarly destructive. Outdoor water fountains are made with a special sealant that preserves the look of the fountain. Why some are even “made to age”, and increase in their visual richness as time goes by. Not so, with a traditionally built indoor water fountain.

Just as using interior fountains outside is not a good idea, neither is using an outside fountain inside. Why? Because these outdoor water fountains are created in order to allow a certain level of splashing. This way, the water sounds (not to mention the cascading features) create specific effects.

Simply put, an outdoor water fountain can ruin your carpeting and your precious wooden floors in a hurry. You could also open up your home to a liability risk if people should start tripping. Indoor fountains are specifically made to protect against accidental splashing.

If you still have doubts or questions, what you might try doing is talking to a contractor in your area. He will be able to tell you about the pros and cons of using an exterior fountain inside or vice versa.

Please note that some fountain makers actually offer a special provision where they can make an indoor fountain compatible with an outside environment. The company might ask an additional fee for this add-on, but this could be precisely what you need to complete your home or office fountain project.


  1. gayathri says

    Hai..I am from dubai .. we r in southwest 1 bedroom apartment. Ii would like to have water fountain in my home…where I can keep it….. placing it in right hand side of main door is not adviced ..but left to main door we have kitchen . So i planned to keep it I north sector of my home…. but my question is right hand side water fountain should not be kept near only the door or to the right hand side of whole living room

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