Where to Put Your Water Wall

A water wall is a type of fountain that can be placed inside or outside. Most water walls sit on the floor, but smaller models may be hung on the wall. These fountains are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes but for the most part are simple with clean lines that allow water to fall down a wall into the basin below it.

Water walls can be made of copper, marble, slate, stainless steel, acrylic, or most any material. Most styles are made with a top frame and bottom frame. Water is pushed up the inside of the wall and then flows down the wall into the basin, tray, or pool below. The wall and basin are not necessarily made from the same materials, but can be.

Hang them on a Wall

While most fountains can be placed anywhere you choose, as long as there is an available power source, there are a few excellent ideas for where to place the water wall. If space is limited, it may be best to hang the water wall on the wall keeping it out of the path of people, children, and pets. Many of these fountains are as easy to hang as a picture. While the fountain itself may be lightweight, keep in mind that water can be heavy and the fountain should be hung with hardware sufficient to hold all the weight.

Build them into a Wall

A lasting, fantastic impression will be made with a built-in water wall. Whether formal or casual, everyone will take notice of a true water wall. These make lasting statements when used in the reception areas of offices or in conference rooms. These fountains can be custom made to fit most any area desired.

Put them on the Floor

Most water wall fountains sit on the floor due to their weight. They can easily be placed in an entryway to make a great first impression, in a corner to provide subtle beauty and sound, or against a blank wall to add dimension to that area of the room. It’s only necessary to ensure that an outlet is close by.

No matter where a water wall is placed, or from what it is made, if properly cared for it will provide years of soothing relaxation after a stressful and busy day. You can easily find what you want online or in a retail store that sells fountains.