Where to Place Water Fountains in the Home

Every home or office could benefit from a hanging wall fountain. Many homeowners and business owners think that a water fountain adds a certain “vitality” to a room. In addition to being an aesthetic wonder, water fountains also provide some physical benefits. A water fountain can work as a humidifier and also help in the flow of Chi. The only question left to consider is where you should put the fountain.

First off, you can place wall hanging fountains in practically any room or area of the house, such as a living room, foyer or even your bedroom. Here are a few points to keep in mind though when going about making decorative decisions.

If there is a lot of traffic surrounding the fountain area, then you may want to think twice about selecting a floor fountain or a deep profile wall fountain. Guests could accidentally bump into it and children may try to touch it. Besides this, well-trafficked areas can lead to an accumulation of dust and the need for more cleaning. Make sure your guests have plenty of room to pass by around the fountain area.

You also have to make sure that humidity or even water droplets will not damage anything nearby. Even on the best wall hanging fountains constructed, there is the potential for some small droplets of water to travel—especially on the underside of the basin. So do not put anything wooden around the fountain, nor should you put the fountain near other delicate surfaces that could be damaged by water.

For the best results, try choosing an area that is not high on traffic but still easily viewed. Remember that a wall hanging fountain is your focal point. Do not try and crowd the area with too many other objects. Give the fountain lots of space to make a good show. While you want to avoid picture frames and large decorative objects, you might try enhancing the beauty with a candle or a plant. They key is to anchor the piece—not overshadow it with extras.

Hanging wall fountains can make good first impressions. So avoid mixing this dramatic piece with anything too ordinary, like TV sets or a particularly ugly piece of furniture. Besides, a TV set would overpower the natural sounds of flowing water. You want to highlight the hanging wall fountain for the eyes and for the ears.

In conclusion, keep wall hanging fountains the center of attention and give them space to shine.

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