Where to Place a Solar Fountain

There are several different types of solar fountains on the market. Some of them have an attached photovoltaic cell that acts as the power source for the fountain. Others have a solar panel that can be mounted in a separate location than the fountain. Mounting these devices needs to be done with obvious attention given to the location of the sun, as it provides all the power.

Solar garden fountains in areas with a great deal of sunlight, such as southern and desert climes, can be placed most anywhere. As long as sufficient sunlight hits the panel, the fountain will operate. In climates with more cloud cover, and in gardens with a great deal of vegetation, however, the solar panel may need to be mounted a bit away from the fountain itself to get the best results. The panels for these fountains may be mounted most anywhere the cord can reach. An unshaded spot in the garden or a south-facing wall both provide good options in this regard. Even mounting them to a convenient tree will sometimes prove a good choice for the owner.

The greatest benefit to placing a solar fountain is that there are really no limitations on where it can be located. The only requirement is sunlight. This can create some trouble for those who live in cold climates, however. Always bring the fountain into storage when the weather turns cold. Warm or cold, the solar panel will turn on the fountain and, if it happens to be below freezing, it’s likely that this will destroy or severely damage the pump. Solar fountains can be used at any time that the temperature is above freezing, however. The sunlight does not need to be of the intensity characteristic of the height of summer to power these devices.

A solar garden fountain can really be placed just about anywhere. This is one of the primary advantages of these fountains. Be aware, however, that the placement of the sun in the sky will change throughout the year and, while the location in which the fountain is situated may be sunny at present, it may also be in the darkest shade within a few months. Be sure to plan ahead for this and to place the panel in a location where there is open sunlight throughout the warm season. The fountains will obviously not run at night or on very dark days, but battery backup can oftentimes provide additional power without tapping into the house mains for electricity.

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