What Styles of Wall Fountains Can You Find?

Water has always played an intrinsic role in human life. In the deep past, it was considered sacred, and associated with numerous gods and goddesses. Even today, running water evokes a feeling of calm, of tranquility, and can help to ease stress and provide relaxation. Adding these qualities to your home, your outdoor areas or even your business office can be simple. Wall fountains offer an excellent way to do this. What styles might you find these water features in, though?

Sleek and Modern

One of the most popular styles, particularly with businesses, is a sleek, modern style with clean lines. You’ll find wall fountains made of stainless steel and glass that can provide the look that you want. Of course, you’ll also find water features that are made with copper. An all-copper fountain can provide elegant, clean lines, but can also provide beauty. As the copper under the flow of water ages, the unique patterns formed on its surface can actually evoke abstract art.

Pieces of Art

Speaking of art, you will also find water features available that include works of art behind the fall of water. This can be an excellent way to combine the beauty of art with the relaxation and elegance of running water. Art wall fountains can include other materials that accent the piece of art, as well – copper is a great option here, though stone and stainless steel also work well, depending on the tone and style of the piece in question. These are excellent options for those with limited wall space and who want to add both art and water to their space.


Glass can be modern and sleek or it can be elegant and beautiful. Glass can also be customized with a monogram, a company’s logo and other elements. As mentioned above, glass and stainless steel make an excellent combination for those hoping to achieve ultra-clean lines. However, glass is not limited to a modern style. You’ll also find that combining glass and copper is an excellent option, while glass and stone wall fountains can also be very good solutions.

There are plenty of other options out there, as well. For instance, you might decide that you want something a bit more traditional – such as a medieval themed fountain. You might prefer something with the simple beauty of Eastern art, as well. You’ll find a tremendous range of styles, materials and looks with these water features.