What Makes Floor Fountains Popular?

Floor fountains are some of the most popular designs among water features. They allow the owners to put rather large fixtures in their homes, if they so choose, or in their gardens if they have surfacing for it. They come in smaller sizes, however, and these are easily located in a convenient corner. Some of these fountains are highly customized, oftentimes with corporate logos. These are pretty common features in large offices and small offices alike. Some of the reasons for this actually have little to do with the design or look of the fountain.

Floor fountains can be large enough and complex enough to circulate a lot of water. This water creates a white noise, and a very natural one, that tends to block out or, at least, diminish in sharpness some of the most unpleasant sounds one hears in the average office. For instance, the fountain’s sound will not be loud enough to block out a phone ringing in the same office, but it will usually have enough body to it to prevent people in one office from hearing everything that’s going on in the offices around them. This creates a sense of privacy, which is very important to some professionals.

Floor fountains can also be very flashy, and this tends to make them popular with corporations who like to give off an affluent or a very dynamic image. The types of fountains used for these purposes oftentimes have metal features that shine brightly and that lend a very modern flair to the water feature. These are also the largest fountains, in many cases, and may end up being the central feature in a large office lobby. Again, their sound tends to make the environment more pleasant and clients and customers who may have to wait a bit will usually be calmed by the sound.

Floor fountains are also popular because of their simplicity. These are powered by internal pumps and require very little water to be added to keep the levels consistent. The devices are low maintenance and have a long lifespan. This makes fountains more economical than many of the other dramatic design options out there and, in some cases, their price point is one of their most popular features. A small fountain for the corner of an office can be very economical, in fact, and these are increasingly popular choices.