What Is Lightweight Slate?

Slate is a very common building material for fountains. While heavier slate is wonderful for outdoor and garden fountains, however, it is somewhat impractical for indoor and wall fountains. Lightweight slate offers the same cosmetic benefits and appearance as its heavier counterpart without the weight that makes it impractical for some walls.  Typically, a lightweight slate fountain will consist of a thin layer of slate that it attached to a composite backing to add strength and durability. When the product is complete, the two materials are virtually indistinguishable, with the only noticeable difference the weight difference upon lifting the fountain.

This weight difference is by far the biggest benefit of choosing wall fountains made of the lightweight material over heavy fountains. Many people are surprised to learn that these lighter fountains weigh about ninety percent less than standard slate, which is especially helpful for people installing their own fountains. Another thing that many people do not know about these fountains is that they will last just as long as their heavier counterparts. A lightweight fountain made of slate can offer years of benefit and enjoyment as long as it is properly cared for.

Caring for your lightweight slate water fountain is the same as caring for any other slate fountain. Taking necessary care and precaution to prevent damage to the natural stone is very important. Use only soft cleaning materials and never use scrubbing pads or hard bristled brushes. You will also want to use lime remover to remove stubborn spots and mineral buildup. Take care when choosing cleaners and chemicals, and always follow the manufacturer’s directions. Many chemicals and materials can harm the texture and color of your fountain, and you will want to take care to ensure that this does not happen. Bleach is certainly among the chemicals that you will want to avoid with a slate fountain.

As with any fountain, one of the best tips to follow is to read and follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully. If you cannot find them, contact the manufacturer or seller to obtain a replacement copy. Caring for your wall fountains is always the best way to keep them beautiful and ensure that they have a long life. Slate is a beautiful material, but because it is natural, a bit of care and precaution must be exercised to prevent damaging it. Your fountain can offer years of life and beauty to any space, and with the right care and information, a lightweight slate fountain can certainly be a wonderful choice for your home.

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