What are lake fountains and why use them?

Lake fountains are floating devices which produce spray patterns above the water. For years lake fountains were only seen in large parks, businesses, and establishments using them as part of the landscape and show for customers. Today these fountains are often seen in small business areas as well as private residences.

Lake fountains produce a wide array of spray patterns, and can include lights providing an additional aesthetic aspect to the fountain. Lake fountains float on the water and draw lake water into its pipes, forcing it out the spray nozzle or nozzles. Most fountains are held in place with a mooring rope and use a power cord that is run from the fountain to the bank. Some have control panels or remote control devices.

Benefits of Lake Fountains

1. Fountains enhance the beauty of any lake and produce the soothing sound of water hitting water providing an escape for those spending time around the lake.

2. Controls bugs and mosquitos by continuously moving the water. In addition, if you add lights and use the fountain at night, bugs are attracted to the light providing food for the fish.

3. Fountains designed to act as aerators supply much needed oxygen to the lake creating a healthier environment for the fish, turtles, and plants living in the lake.

4. Aeration inhibits algae growth and also keeps the water clearer than it would be without aeration.


Fortunately lake fountains require little maintenance. However, at least once or twice a season the fountain should be removed and cleaned thoroughly. In addition, if shows signs of inefficient operation it should be cleaned immediately. Pump motors can overheat when they continue to operate but are clogged and cannot do their job.

If the lake is located in an area where temperatures freeze for long periods of time, the fountain should be removed prior to the first freeze and stored until such time as the threat of a freeze has passed. If you operate your lake fountain all year around, it may require cleaning more often. You should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning lake fountains.

A lake fountain should be the proper size for the size and depth of the lake. Deciding on the spray radius and pattern is also a necessary step prior to purchase. Finally, you should know your budget. Once these decisions are made you will easily be able to find lake fountains to meet your needs.