Water Gardening vs. Water Features: The Differences

Many modern gardens are equipped with water features. A water feature can be anything that adds to the look and feel of the garden and which uses water, moving or otherwise, to achieve that effect. A waterfall feature and a fountain are both examples of such features. Water gardens, however, are a bit more complex. The characteristics tend to overlap at some points and to diverge significantly in others. There are very significant differences where maintenance is concerned. This is especially true if the water feature in question happens to be a habitat for fish or other fauna.

Water features are usually added to gardens for both their visual and aural elements. The sound of a fountain, for instance, may block out the noise from a nearby road, thereby creating a very tranquil and peaceful environment. These features can be chosen mostly for aesthetic reasons, with little practical consideration of their various features required. This decision should come down to what makes the garden feel, sound and look the way the gardener most desires. When one gets into water gardening, however, more practical considerations quickly come to the forefront of the designer’s mind.

Water gardens, by definition, have many different water features. Oftentimes, the difference is that the water features in these gardens have a very practical side to them. For instance, in a large pond, one will oftentimes see a very large fountain at work, spraying water high into the air. While this does have an aesthetic appeal, it also aerates the water and prevents the sort of stagnation that encourages algae to grow, which can quickly ruin the water garden and necessitate a long and difficult clean up. Water gardens tend to use more heavy-duty equipment than is required for smaller water features.

The water features in a water garden may require a bit more maintenance than a simple fountain or other ornamental feature. There are products which can help to eliminate algae from the water, and these are of great help. There are also various types of pumps and filters that are usually attached to these large water features. Whether one wishes something simple or something very large and complex, the cost of both ornamental and practical water features is well within the range of most gardeners. The complexity one achieves is entirely up to them and according to their plans for the garden. Keep the maintenance requirements in mind when planning out these features. One’s garden should not be unmanageable for them.

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