Water Fountains and Modern Decor

When someone hears the words “modern décor” they usually envision a somewhat “Spartan” sort of style. This is because the modern esthetic tends to focus on the lines of the room or the furnishings and doesn’t look to things such as pillows, window dressings, or even various “odds and ends” to make any sort of statement. Instead, the trend is to look at some very basic things like the light and shadow; the general “feel” of the space; and even the pre-existing architectural features like massive windows or custom floors. These features are then emphasized through a lack of decoration, and often this can make some people feel as if a modern home is not as warm as it could be. Because of this, many decorators and designers have tried to find ways to add a bit of warmth to the modern spaces, and are using more innovative choices.

One fascinating feature appearing in more and more modern spaces is water fountains. This is due to several interesting developments in the design of water fountains, including the use of traditionally modern materials like glass and polished metals. The design trends also include less “fussy” features and an emphasis on lines and materials instead. For example, instead of a very fancy fountain full of carved features, various streams of water, and an array of waterfalls, the modern water fountains tend to feature a single sheer face of stone, metal or glass which relies on that texture to create most of the visual impact.

Need an example? Consider the way that a carved stone fountain appears when mounted on a wall. It harkens back to a different age, one that leaned towards more complex architecture and art, and a time when simple lines and materials were not all that popular with designers. The modern aesthetic doesn’t reject the older styles, but simply opts to use things that are far less complicated. So, the modern stone water fountains don’t have lots of decorative carvings and instead rely on the surface of a single slab of stone to create the gentle sounds and the soothing looks that many modern homeowners can really appreciate.

This is not to say that there is anything negative or unappealing about the older styles, but is simply emphasizing that fountains can actually work across this amazing diversity of looks, styles, and decorating trends. You can incorporate fountains into homes with a Victorian look just as easily as a home that might have been based on the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright!