Water Features are a Modern Must-Have Element

We all know that decorating trends come and go, and that almost all of them leave an imprint on the next set of trends. For example, we know that a lot of gardens and yards have water features that include fountains and waterfalls, and we also know that these trends have actually transitioned easily into the indoor environment now too.

For example, it seems like almost any sort of public space now has a variety of water features appearing in most of the gathering areas. Take a look at almost any shopping mall, and it is quite likely that there will be a large fountain or some sort of wishing pool in the very heart of the building. There might also be smaller water features scattered around the structure and near the entrances or exits too.

The choice to install water features has a lot to do with the trends that occurred in the outdoor spaces over the past decade or so, but it also has just as much to do with the general effects of water as well. For example, the splashing and sounds coming from a gentle fountain are known to be very calming and soothing. When they are in a public space, they can instantly seem to drown out or tone down the volume of the crowds of people that might be present.

This, however, is not always the reason that fountains and water features appear in private homes. For instance, a lot of people opt for fountains simply to add a more organic element within their living space. Remember, fountains can be found as tabletop fixtures, as wall mounted units, and even as floor models that can stand anywhere that there is a stable and flat surface.

Fountains can also be made from almost any sturdy material imaginable as well. This means that a home with a modern décor theme could feature a fountain or various features that used glass and brushed metal. On the other hand, the more “woodsy” decorating scheme could incorporate a fountain or features with stone, bamboo or other all natural elements as well.

Basically, this all means that water fountains and features are a must-have element in almost any modern or up to date design scheme. They add a calming and relaxing atmosphere, integrate appropriate materials, and give almost any sort of theme a far more “completed” look than those without them. In fact, many decorators are viewing them as an adequate substitute for art!