Wall Water Features for Any Space

When the average homeowner hears a phrase like “wall water features” they may not think that this is an item suitable for their living space, but they would be wrong. The days of massive displays and all kinds of spraying jets are long over, and today there are some incredibly high-quality vendors making an array of wall fixtures readily available. These are much subtler and calmer features and are designed to add a bit of elegance, serenity or gentle sound to any working or living space.

While there will always be the wall water feature that can be totally customized for business purposes, the materials used can translate beautifully to any home space too. Need an example? Let’s say that a business is housed in a very modern building that uses tons of glass and polished metal. This business can easily find a diversity of options for wall-mounted water features made from coordinating materials. They might have a glass background, brushed or polished metal framing, and their logo etched or printed into the fixture. Now, that same set of materials (without the logo) could be used in a modern home as well!

Of course, not all wall water features are made from such “high tech” materials. For instance, you can find them crafted in copper, slate, glass, and stone. They can have original art mounted to the background, they can have elegant lights, river stones set in the base, and more.

Many people choose the wall-mounted designs in place of traditional wall art, and can even incorporate poster sized prints into their designs in order to let the fountains serve as art when they are not in operation. In this way, the buyer is getting a “two for one” deal that combines the impressive benefits of a fountain with the luxurious beauty of high-quality artwork.

There are also many wall fountains that incorporate carved stone too. For example, a small business or a home can have a fountain that looks like a large slab of beautifully cut and carved stone. The motifs might include bamboo leaves or geometric designs, and the fountainheads can be set directly into the carvings. These are wall water features that would be the optimum in serenity and natural esthetics, but they also serve as a good illustration of the suitability of wall fountains in almost any space imaginable.

When you want to really add a bit of style, class, and uniqueness to your living or working space, you should investigate wall fountains and fixtures.