Wall Mounted Fountains and Interior Spaces

For centuries there have been wall mounted fountains in a large number of outdoor spaces. In fact, right up until the early 1900s, the outdoor wall fountain was a very common fixture in almost any formal garden.

Today, wall mounted fountains are far less formal and are available for all indoor or interior spaces too. Before you think that they come only as the concrete and highly decorative fixtures of the days of old, you should know that they are much more casual, and capable of appearing in a wide range of environments.

For example, many contemporary homes will actually rely on wall mounted fountains in place of standard wall art. In fact, these locations might even use the fountains as a way of adding light to the overall atmosphere. This is because the fountains selected by these homeowners are usually made from glass and polished metals and tend to create a lot of reflection and additional light. This means that they serve architecturally as well as decoratively.

The same can actually be said about the wall mounted fountains chosen for the more traditional homes too. This is because a great many of these have electric light fixtures mounted into the framing that supports the actual fountain.

For example, a homeowner with an Arts and Crafts style home would have a lot of heavy woodwork and most of this would have received a very dark stain. This might tend to make the environment a bit oppressive, but the use of a wall fountain that has copper framing, a stone surface and lovely golden accent lighting would automatically brighten the entire atmosphere. This would not be architectural in the way that the fixture in the modern home (described above) would be, but it would improve the general effects of the chosen d├ęcor.

There is also a lot of call for wall fountains in commercial and professional spaces as well, and this is due to the lovely good looks of the fixtures as well as the benefits that come from listening to the gentle sound of falling water. The same materials and designs would be available for the fountains mounted in these spaces, and the same effects could occur too.

Wall fountains are no longer an old-fashioned element in a room or business office, and they can be used to create all kinds of effects with their lights, sounds and materials. When chosen correctly they can serve as a major feature or focal area, or they can help to really improve the effects of the other decorative choices.