Wall Fountains Lend a Little Zen to Businesses

We’ve all sat far too long in a waiting room at some point or another in our lives, and the tension from waiting becomes unbearable after a certain amount of time has passed. We’re a world of people who don’t like waiting – we want everything two minutes ago. But what if waiting was more Zen? What if it was a tranquil event? Then, perhaps, sitting on an uncomfortable chair in a reception area wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Wall fountains are making lobbies and waiting rooms that much more comfortable in businesses around the world. Once upon a time, indoor wall fountains were only used for residential applications. Then, slowly but surely, spas began to jump onboard. Now, oversized wall fountains are commonplace in hotels, doctor’s offices, restaurants, and corporations everywhere.

Why the change? As design logic has been studied more in-depth, it’s apparent that people can be settled by subtle environmental cues. When water fountains are running in stressful places such as doctor’s waiting rooms, the atmosphere immediately changes. Time seems to slow down, and nerves become less frazzled. Given the number of “naturescape” CDs with sounds of waterfalls and bubbling brooks, it’s apparent that the hum of rainfall is one of the most restful sounds in the world. The resonance makes any Nervous Nellie much less anxious, and much more serene.

Wall fountains are a business investment. They not only sound beautiful, but look impressive and gorgeous as well. Customers and clients definitely notice them, and they are truly a focal point. Wall fountains definitely tell the world that your business is doing well. While typical office paintings are often ignored, an oversized waterfall is never overlooked.

Wall fountains aren’t prone to algae because of the constant motion of water, and they do something that no painting can do – they clean and purify the air. Studies prove that they purify the air better than most air cleaners, and they add humidity to dry commercial spaces. Waterfalls are the perfect solution for static office air.

While the most obvious place for a fountain or waterfall is the lobby or waiting room, it can make an impression in other areas as well. The less desirable area of a restaurant can be spruced up quickly with a water feature, so that guests don’t feel so annoyed by their bad table. Wherever there’s stress, a water feature creates the perfect contrast.