Vintage Style Wall Hanging Fountains

If you have ever seen a movie or read a book about the “Gilded Age” in the United States, you can probably recall a few different scenes in which stone or garden wall hanging fountains were part of the setting. These were extremely decorative and elaborate fixtures that were meant to emulate or copy the European chalets and castles that the country’s new wealthy class wanted to match in style and taste.

They are still found in many of the great homes, but they can also be found as reproductions that can be used in a modern home too. They are no longer carved from extraordinarily heavy stone, however, and are usually found as fiberglass creations that are remarkably light in weight and yet extremely deceiving to the eye.

The great thing about them is that they can usually be used both indoors and outdoors because they are impervious to the weather. Their small pumps might allow them to even remain outdoors on a year round basis, but they can also be installed inside a foyer or main entrance, in a garden room, or even a lovely breakfast room too. They make a perfect accent for a sun porch or four season room, and will bring with them a huge amount of calming and soothing sound wherever they are mounted.

The thing about choosing such wall hanging fountains is that they may require a bit of preparatory work that a lot of other styles do not. This is because they require a source of electricity if they are to operate properly, and yet few owners will want to see the power cords hanging from beneath the fountains. The solution is quite simple, but it can require a skilled electrician. The remedy is to simply measure the area in which the fountain is to be hung, and then to have a concealed wall outlet installed in the appropriate location. This would allow even the largest wall hanging fountains to hide the presence of the “modern” world and still operate flawlessly.

Because the vintage style wall hanging fountains are made from composite materials, there is usually no need for any sort of professional carpentry in order to hang or mount them properly. Instead, it will usually require only the most basic skills and tools to achieve good results easily and quickly.

Choosing an old-fashioned type of fountain is a great way to balance the décor or theme of a room, and they are available in an enormous range of styles and designs.