Using Wall Water Fountains Safely

Wall water fountains can provide you with an element of beauty and grace to your home or office while also introducing the great outdoors to any interior space. When using a wall water fountain there are a few safety tips that should be kept in mind to ensure that you are able to enjoy your water fountain as much as possible with no safety concerns.

When using a wall-mounted fountain, it is good ideas to make sure that you use your fountain directly near a power outlet or have a qualified electrician install an outlet directly behind your fountain. Ideally, the outlet should be recessed if you are going to be using a standard plug with your fountain. In addition, you will need to take care with the cord that hangs from the wall mounted fountain. In most instances, you should not attempt to use an extension cord with your fountain in order to prevent possible accidents.

To ensure complete safety, make sure that your wall fountain is securely hung on the wall using the brackets that are typically included with the fountain. The brackets should be completely sturdy and depending on the weight of the fountain attached to a wall stud.

In addition, you will need to make sure that the water that is featured inside your wall fountain is continually moving as well as re-circulating. Stagnant water can become a health risk. If you should need to unplug your fountain, be aware that you should replace the water before you operate your fountain again as harmful bacteria can begin to grow in water that has become stagnant. When water is moving it is able to benefit from oxygen which will impede the development of harmful bacteria. By following these safety guidelines you will be able to enjoy your wall fountain without any safety or healthy concerns.