Using Wall Mounted Fountains in Interior Design

It is unfortunate, but many people automatically think of only a certain look or style when they think of wall mounted fountains. For instance, many people envision the gorgeous stone fountains so often found in Italian villas, and others think of the contemporary styles that appear in many types of businesses and storefronts.

It is interesting to note, however, that a mounted wall fountain can feature into almost any type of design style or interior space thanks to the enormous array of styles and designs available.

When choosing to use such fountains in the design scheme it is important to understand how this sort of feature is going to fit into the plans. Will it be a focal point of the room? Will it simply serve as a charming fixture that provides soothing sound or a nice amount of added humidity? Is it going to fall under the wall art or sculpture category? Is it something to serve as a nice approach to welcoming customers? Clearly, this large assortment of questions and possible answers means that wall mounted fountains are available to suit almost any need.

For example, a modern consumer can find a mounted wall fountain made from slate, metal, acrylic, or resin. The fountain can have the appearance of a wall of water or provide a traditional stream or spray into the basin below. They can have special lighting elements, sculptural figures, plants, and even paintings included in their designs as well.

So, what does all of this mean to the person who is hoping to use some wall mounted fountains in their interior design? It means that step one is to understand the “statement” that will be made by the fountain. The next thing to consider is its location, and once this is accomplished there may be the need to address additional support to the wall or a new electrical outlet. Why is that? Some fountains can be made from heavier materials, and all will need to be supported by the wall studs behind the fixture – a mounted wall fountain must never be suspended merely from the sheet rock or paneling.

Additionally, many fountain owners decide to keep the electrical cord entirely concealed behind the fixture rather than hanging down from behind it, and to do this they will have to have a properly installed electrical outlet in the ideal location.

Once the overall purpose of the fountain is determined, and its location prepared, the owner is also going to have to consider the surrounding area and the ease with which it allows them to maintain the fountain. While a fountain can be a relatively low-maintenance item, it will require a regular cleaning, and allowing ample working space is always a wise idea.

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