Using Table Fountains To Improve Feng Shui In A Room

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of harmonious interior design. Practitioners believe that arranging the items in your house in a certain way leads to not just a better, more relaxing home environment, but to better health, longer life, and financial prosperity as well. Feng Shui has become increasingly popular in the Western world in recent years; since it’s a philosophy of a design and not a particular style of design, it doesn’t matter whether your furniture and interior design accessories are inspired by China, only what types of accessories you purchase and how they are placed in your home. Of course, some of the most versatile and popular accessories also useful in Feng Shui are table fountains.

Table fountains are small water features that recycle water up and through a series of tubes, and over stones or other uneven surfaces to aerate the water and create a soothing, pleasant, natural sound. While table fountains are well known for their numerous health and environmental benefits, in Feng Shui, fountains are important and desirable because they bring water energy into the home. Harmonizing the five types of energy that Feng Shui recognizes is important in order to have a home with the optimal flow of chi. The word “chi” is Chinese for breath, and Feng Shui treats the home as if it were a body, and chi is the energy that must flow naturally to all extremities of the home in order to keep it healthy and functioning well.

Water chi is particularly important because water often represents wealth and prosperity, and bringing water energy into your home through features such as table fountains is akin to inviting wealth and prosperity into your home. The invitation for wealth can be super charged by putting a table fountain along your wall at true north, since north is the direction of water energy in the first place. Be sure not to put the fountain against the southern wall, however; south is the direction of fire, and putting a water feature there would block the flow of chi.

Whether or not you believe that putting a fountain on the northern wall of your home will lead to wealth, health, and happiness, keeping everything in your home arranged in a harmonious way with relaxation-inducing accessories is a great way to keep your home beautiful and calm.