Using Indoor Fountains to Mitigate Noise

For many homes and businesses, background noise can range from a mild distraction to a true inconvenience. This is true for dentist’s offices and other similar businesses where standard operational sounds can frighten younger or nervous clients as well as lobbies of construction companies and other industrial type businesses. Noise can also be a problem for people in urban areas or those who live near airports, train tracks, or busy roads. A simple indoor fountain can be enough to help block these noises, creating a calming white noise that will soothe and detract from sudden, loud sounds.

The idea of using an indoor waterfall or fountain to mitigate noise is not to drown out other sounds. When your fountain is too loud, you will find that it simply creates a new form of distraction. The idea behind using a fountain in this manner is to create a constant sound that will attract the attention of your ears and will keep you from noticing or being startled by outside noise. A well designed fountain will mitigate outside distractions without making it impossible to have a conversation or watch television.

Putting your fountain on the wall closest to the sitting area in a space can be the best way to mitigate sounds. While the inclination may be to place the fountain closest to the source of the sound, the truth is that doing so may simply result in an abundance of noise. By keeping your fountain closer to the people in the room than the other sounds, you have the best chance of virtually eliminating other sounds from the room.

Most people find that implementing an indoor waterfall or fountain has benefits that extend beyond masking outside noises. These fountains produce a constant source of white noise, which is exceptionally relaxing and can help people not only to sleep, but to concentrate or working or reading. White noise is recommended by many sleep professionals as well as many businesses looking to help employees become more efficient.

If you are looking for a way to mask background noise in your home or office, installing an indoor fountain is highly recommended. These simple features offer a great decorative style to any space and create an air of calm, relaxation, and peace. Indoor fountains can be great fun for children and adults and can truly offer many health benefits. From the peace of simple relaxation to the improved air quality that arises from a fountain’s natural humidifying, there are simply many reasons why a fountain may be the best way to reduce sound in your space.

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