Using Garden Fountains in Nontraditional Spaces

When you think about garden fountains, you automatically picture a large landscaped yard with a large water element. However, regardless of the space you have available, incorporating a water element is not difficult. Even if you live in a large city with a small patio it is possible to add a water element.

Garden fountains come in all different sizes. They can be used in the traditional manner and added to a landscaped area. Since there are small fountains available these can be used to add to the d├ęcor of any living space. If you have a small a patio there are fountains available that come in vases, bowls and even urns. You can even add these types to a sunroom in the interior of the home. There are other types that can be added to walls as well.

The small types of garden fountains are the easiest to install. All you have to do is place the fountain where you want it, add water and plug it into an electrical outlet. There are no holes to dig, special electrical wiring to run or water hoses to install. If you do not want the fountain to run continuously, you simply add a timer. Timers can be obtained from the place you purchased the fountain from and are also available at most home improvement stores.

If you live in an area where it gets below freezing in the winter, the small types are the easiest to disconnect and bring indoors. You can continue to use the fountain indoors during the winter months in a sitting room, a sunroom, living room or even in the bathroom on the counter top. Using your own creativity you can come with endless possibilities for these small portable water elements.

The types of fountains that hang on the wall are typically battery operated and have no power cords to try and hide. These types of garden fountains can make an entry way to the home more attractive and are easy to maintain.

There are even types of water elements that are pebble bubble fountains. These types can be tiered or non-tiered. The tiered type has different levels with pebbles on them that the water flows over. The non-tiered type have a central fountain that the water runs down and then over the pebbles in the bottom. The sound of the water running over the pebbles can create a relaxing atmosphere.