Using Desk Fountains For A Mini Vacation At Work

No matter how much you may like your job, the fact of the matter remains: work is stressful. If you work in a busy office, there may be a large amount of background noise; there are usually deadlines to meet and problems to solve. When you’re getting paid to be in a certain place and to do a certain thing, it’s easy to forget to take the moments to yourself that help increase productivity and put your mind and spirit at ease. One of the simplest and easiest ways to take that little vacation is by getting a decorative desk fountain.

Anything that makes a hard job easier is a welcome addition to any workplace., and water features have long been used for relaxation in spas, restaurants, public squares, and wherever people wanted a little beauty and nature in the middle of their bustling lives. Desk fountains bring this universal sense of calm into your office, and with that calm, a desk fountain can bring many other benefits as well. The quiet but constant flow of water helps dampen some of the other, more stressful background noise of your office— and also gives you a different sound to concentrate on when you get a little overwhelmed.

The recycling water adds needed humidity to the air as well, which is especially important in office buildings that have central heat. Especially in winter, recycled air can lead to dry skin and breakouts— things only exacerbated by stress. Additionally, the recycling water and accompanying humidity help combat air pollutants, as well as dust and static: good news for your computer and for your sinuses.

Of course, all other benefits of desk fountains aside, the best thing you can do is to use it to help regroup your thoughts and feelings and re-energize and focus for the rest of the day. When things become problematic or overwhelming at work, simply close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and concentrate on the sound of the water flowing over and through your fountain. As you listen to the water flow down through the stones and surfaces, feel the calm brought by the water flow into every part of your body and mind. When you focus on the sound of the water, everything else fades into the background, and you should be at peace.