Using a Garden Fountain as a Memorial for your Loved One

Memorial spaces are usually designed to invoke memories of a loved one and to shut out the world at large.  A garden water fountain, with the constant stream of sound and beautiful effects, is a natural addition to such memorials. A fountain can be purchased and adapted with the intention of creating a natural association with those who have gone on from the world.

Most garden water fountains purchased for memorial purposes tend to be of the elegant, stately sort. The timeless look has an obviously poignant implication in these cases. Particularly for those who were enamored of such sculptures, stone fountains can easily be the centerpiece of a space where the individual may have liked to spend their time in life and where their loved ones can remember them after they are gone. Stone and concrete fountains are very popular for such displays. The design of the fountain will also play into creating a suitable memorial.

While the garden fountain may be the centerpiece of the memorial, what surrounds it should also be given great consideration. Landscaping with plants of which the deceased was particularly fond is a natural choice. As memorials are designed to be quiet and reflective places, it’s usually preferable to create some sort of barrier around them. This can be a fence or simply a wall of vegetation. The water feature may be visible from without this barrier or hidden inside, depending upon the preferences of the designer. Fountains may also be customized in a way that makes them even more powerful reminders of the loved one. It’s possible to consult with sales people to come up with a workable and meaningful design for a fountain made of any of the materials available for the standard fountains.

Garden water fountains with large surface areas, such as those that incorporate basins, can provide locations to add other memorabilia associated with the loved one. Tiered fountains are particularly good for this. There are also fountain accessories that may fit. Someone who was a passionate angler, for instance, may be remembered fondly with the inclusion of spitters in the shape of a fish or other sea life. Someone who was very modern in their style may be better-remembered with a metal or black slate fountain. The water feature, its movement and its sound can create an excellent place for meditation or remembrance and it’s no coincidence that large, public fountains are oftentimes dedicated to the memory of a well-known and much-missed community figure.


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