Use a Solar Powered Fountain to Create a Healthy Koi Pond

Whether you raise koi or another type of carp in your fishpond, a proper level of oxygen must be kept in order for the pond to be healthy and the fish to thrive. There are several ways to keep the balance in the pond, but the most aesthetically pleasing way is with a solar powered fountain.

A solar powered fountain continuously sprays water into the air, which then drops on the pond adding oxygen to the pond water. This spray makes a beautiful sight as well as sound. Because solar powered fountains are wireless, there is no need for the pond to be near a power source. The only thing required to make the solar powered fountain operate is the sun.  Some fountains will sit lower in the water than others and not all fountains produce a spray.

How Does the Fountain Work for the Pond’s Health?

When the fountain circulates the water, water from deeper in the pond is brought to the surface where it can “breathe” oxygen carrying it back into the pond. This additional oxygen increases the dissolved oxygen level in the pond. This process is called aeration. It is a necessary part of keeping a pond healthy.

When there are sufficient levels of oxygen in the pond the water is clear, the fish are healthy, healthy bacteria live, excess algae is reduced, and plants thrive. Any dead organic matter decays at a faster rate when there is sufficient oxygen, preventing the release of foul odors. Proper aeration makes enjoying your pond that much easier.

Even with proper aeration, the fountain and pond may need cleaning from time to time. The fountain should be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging from algae or other debris that may get in the pump. Any time the water flow or spray seems weak, the pump should be checked. Fountains are not dangerous to the animals living in the pond as long as safe products are used to clean the fountains.

Sizes and costs vary with solar fountains. Price ranges are generally wide enough that any budget can afford a solar powered fountain. Small koi or fishponds designed for ornamental use and to raise these fish require very small fountains that are readily available. You can purchase a solar powered fountain anywhere other fountains are sold such as hardware stores or the Internet.