Understanding Different Fountain Water Sources

You will notice that mounted wall fountains come in two types: re-circulating fountains and a dedicated water source. What determines which system is used? It mainly depends on how much water is being used. The rate of evaporation and water loss (resulting from splashing) is also important.

First, consider re-circulating mounted wall fountains. The fountains that are usually used inside small offices or residential homes have a pump. This pump circulates the water throughout the whole fountain. The fountain has a reservoir pan which holds the water until recirculation. This model allows the fountain to be put practically anywhere, and does not require an additional source of water.

A dedicated wall mounted fountain, or any fountain with a dedicated source of water, is usually made for larger fountains in public places. These are commercial fountains and they may move upwards of several thousand gallons of water. They may actually require up to 100 gallons a day to sustain the effect. Remember that waterfalls and fountains can evaporate slightly, which requires an additional water source.

Of course, just because a wall mounted fountain requires a dedicated source doesn’t mean that it has to be a specially built, high-tech gadget. The source could be something as simple as a garden hose. Usually though, constructing these fountains does involve working with a contractor and plumber.

The mounted wall fountains you see in offices and homes today are usually re-circulating types of fountains. They don’t require their own constantly moving water source. They simply pump the water to the top of the fountain using the small electric pump inside the system. The water runs down the fountain’s surface and goes into the reservoir pan. This is repeated throughout the day as long as the fountain is on.

However, even mounted wall fountains require additional water. All fountains, even smaller ones, evaporate. In fact, the drier your air is the more water you must add. If you have cold temperatures or use a lot of gas heat in your house, you will need to add an above average amount of water. In order to remember this important step, just start adding water to your fountain at the same time you water your plants!

The majority of wall mounted fountains you see are re-circulated fountains. However, some companies do actually carry dedicated source fountains. You can choose to custom-build your own fountain/fall or choose from the most popular selections.

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