Types of Tabletop Fountains

Like all fountains, there are many different types of tabletop fountains, one for any style, location, or attitude. And, if you can’t find what you want, they can be custom made just for you. Options are available for any personality and to fit in any budget.

Tabletop fountains are intended to be relatively small and located on top of a level surface such as a table, bookshelf, counter, piano, or any piece of furniture. Tabletop fountains can be used inside or outside, depending on the materials used and rating provided. They are good for the home or office and make excellent gifts.

Materials Used in Tabletop Fountains

The most common base materials used to make tabletop fountains include: copper, stone, glass, ceramic, and slate. But whichever material is used there are often other objects involved in the fountain. Any object can be used to make a tabletop fountain.

Rocks:  These fountains are made with a variety of stones arranged in a pattern within a basin. They can be stacked directly onto of each other, stacked to produce a waterfall, tiered, or as a base for other objects.

Bowls: These fountains are based primarily in and on the bowl. The main fountain is the bowl and often includes stones or other objects that are stacked not much higher than the rim of the bowl. Other options are to place bowls on top of each other in such a way that the water pours from one to the other, or cascades down the fountain.

Oils: Essential oils can be added to some fountains to produce a scent as well as the musical sound of the water. The oils are generally chosen for their aromatherapy properties. Do not add oil to a fountain not designed for it.

Proper Use of the Fountain

No matter what type you purchase, tabletop fountains should be filled with distilled water, kept at the proper water level, and the water should be changed periodically. In addition, the entire fountain should be cleaned when needed, but at least annually. It’s important that the pump is never allowed to go dry, and be sure that the water in tabletop fountains does evaporate over time; one of the reason they are such good humidifiers.

To get the most enjoyment out of your tabletop fountain, ensure you purchase the type of fountain you want, and take care of it and it will provide you with years of soothing enjoyment.