Types of Garden Water Fountains

Many people enjoy the sound of a babbling brook but do not have the time or money to invest in a garden water fountain.  People have busy jobs, children and other commitments and rarely even have time to plant and maintain a garden, much less a full fountain.  What can be done to have the enjoyment of the sounds of running water without the cost or time expense of having a full garden?

The answer would be to purchase a pre-manufactured fountain and install it into an area where you can enjoy the sound without having to have to maintain a costly fountain.  There are many pre-made fountains available, and they come with all of the necessary installation instructions to place it in your yard with the minimum amount of work.  Many fountains even come with some type of filter system so the maintenance only involves changing the filter once a month.

These garden water fountains come in a wide variety of materials and offer a plethora of shapes and sizes to fit any garden.  There are even varieties that are small enough to put in your home or on a small patio, if you happen to not have yard.  The first consideration should be the type of material you desire for your fountain.

The options, while not exactly limitless, are very wide ranging.  You can get a fountain constructed from copper, more expensive but offering a distinct old world charm as it oxidized to a light green patina around the water.  You can also get the fountain created from fiberglass, which can be molded and tinted to resemble granite, wood or cement.  The fiberglass fountain is also one of the easiest to maintain because the fiberglass never rots or breaks down due to being exposed to the elements.

Another option that many people consider when looking at garden water fountains is bamboo.  Bamboo is a lightweight material that will hold up well over time and can provide attractive alternatives to the standard water over rocks fountain.  With a bamboo fountain, you can actually have the bamboo fill and fall with water, combining the sound of running water with the melodies associated with bamboo wind chimes.

Any of the above examples of garden water fountains are great for first time fountain purchasers.  Just remember that the fountain will be something for you to enjoy for many years.  Find one that you will enjoy hearing and seeing, and your garden will be a place of relaxation for many years.