Tuscan Vase Wall Fountain Adds a Touch of Class to Any Setting

If you enjoy the classical and artistic look of Tuscany, you may well want to consider the Tuscan Vase Wall Fountain as an addition to your home or office. When viewed in person, the beauty and luminosity of this work of art appears completely real, right down to the way in which it captures the light. Not only does the appearance of the fountain appear to be completely realistic, but it also offers a variety of soothing sounds; similar to that of a babbling brook or a gently running stream. The soft and tranquil sound makes the perfect backdrop for any environment, whether you choose to place the artistic wall fountain in your home or office. The backdrop of the fountain is comprised of a material known as Lexan, offering high durability and the benefit of being almost unbreakable. The stunning image presented on the fountain is 100% hand painted on the back of the Lexan acrylic panel and features a frame of natural copper for maximum appeal. Your Tuscan Vase Wall fountain will not only be a beautiful fountain but also a beautiful unique painting.

The fountain is also available with the option of LED lights. The lights are built into the back of the Lexan panel to offer a look to the fountain that is even more unique and stunning. Almost no heat is produced by the LED lights, which are capable of lasting for nearly 200,000 hours. The complete package includes a hand painted image that is completely original, meaning that each and every fountain is a unique work of art and no two are ever exactly the same. Due to the hand painted nature of the fountain, expect a lead time of 4-6 weeks for your custom art to be created and shipped. All necessary hardware to hang the fountain is included with the full fountain package.