Tricks to Placing Solar Powered Fountains and Other Yard Décor

Have you been longing to renovate the backyard, to tear up all of the old landscaping that you have change the entire look of the place? Whether this is something that you’ve wanted to do for a few years or you’ve just watched a home improvement television show, the itch to redo the backyard can be overwhelming. You have many decisions to make when you are getting ready to bring your yard into tip top shape though, and you shouldn’t take any of the decisions lightly.

No matter the type of landscaping that you want to do, from simply adding solar powered water fountains to creating a lush paradise in the middle of suburbia, it’s always important to have a plan.

Make a scale drawing of your backyard before you do any work. Make sure that you take before photos to reference as well. It’s important that you have measurements of your yard so you know how much space you have available. The basic landscaping should be fairly easy as long as you have a plan in place.

Here’s a simple trick that you can use to place all of the elements that you want to add to your yard. You, or someone you know, should have some basic photo editing skills in order to have this work properly. Once you have the basic landscaping done and before you add any birdbaths, feeders, or solar powered fountains, take a picture of the yard. You can even add some yard gnomes or pink flamingos if you like! Place the photo into an editing program and then add images of the items that you want to add onto another layer above that photo.

Make sure that you size the feeders or solar powered fountains correctly and then arrange them on the layer above the photo. You can place them in different areas to see what the yard will look like with the elements in different places. This is going to give you a fair visual of how everything will look. It won’t be entirely accurate, but you will have a good notion of things.


You can then arrange the items in your yard with this in mind, and you will find that you have far less rearranging and moving around to do. It’s not a perfect solution, but it can help get things done in far less time.