Traditional Elements Found in Outdoor Fountains

An outdoor fountain has long been associated with an elegant garden and with an upscale environ.  Many of the features found in these fountains are very ancient in their usage. Some of the more modern features have been around long enough to become established norms in their own right. Depending upon one’s size constraints and the environment one ultimately wishes to create, an outdoor water feature offers flexible options. Remember that these fixtures are intended for use in the warm weather, only. If there is snow on the ground or there is frost in the morning, make sure to turn off the fountain. The pump can be destroyed if this is not done in a timely manner and the fountain damaged if it is operated during freezing temperatures.

Among the most well-known traditional features of outdoor water fountains are tiers. These tiers are usually designed in a way that incorporates a series of basins of expanding size, with the smallest basin at the top of the fountain. The cascades of water moving from one basin to the next catch the ambient sunlight and create a beautiful sparkling effect. Many of the most famous outdoor fountains in the world are designed in this way. This is among the most elegant and refined of designs and is popular in modern and classically-styled gardens alike. Tiered fountains offering a wonderful sound of cascading water creating an oasis in your garden.

Some outdoor water fountains are not large features. Wall fountains are very popular in some gardens, particularly those with borders, which afford a place to install these features. Oftentimes, these fountains incorporate sculpted lion’s heads or other features from which the water flows. Traditionally, the fountain is collected in a basin at the bottom of the fountain and recirculated through the fixture. These fountains come in metal designs, though stone designs and designs which use materials that imitate the look of stone are generally considered more traditional for these types of water features.

Many outdoor fountains are enhanced with additional elements such as spitters. These are usually sculpted features that offer another element to the movement of the water. Fish and other water creatures are very popular in this capacity. Outdoor fountain features are also lit, in most cases. This allows the owner to enjoy their water feature at any time of the day or night. The light passing through the cascades of water creates a very dramatic effect and, with colored lighting, it can be made even more so. Some water fountains located outdoors are also home to many a coin. For a very traditional look, it’s not a bad idea to encourage visitors to contribute their own coins!

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