Top 10 Fountain Care Tips for Long Lasting Beauty

You sure do love your outdoor fountain, don’t you? Such a beautiful piece of work is not a common thing. However, maintaining such a fountain can be challenging. Don’t worry though-we have simplified all you need to know about outdoor fountain maintenance to ten simple points. Here they are…

1. Use water treatment once a week.

This is actually the most important step if you want to keep the water clean and healthy. Using this special treatment can kill off algae, scale and rid the water of mineral deposits. Remember that these microscopic pests can damage your finish.

2. Add water to outdoor water fountains every day.

Your fountain cannot function without fresh water. You must maintain the proper water capacity in order to prevent the pump from burning out or suffering other damage. Check the water level daily. Be sure that the surface is always above the pump. A good standard to work from is to keep the water surface an inch below the basin’s rim.

3. Keep the pump clean from debris.

Clean the pump piece regularly and thoroughly. This will prevent all sorts of debris from compromising the performance; from pet dander to dust to airborne pollutants.

4. Replace the water of your outdoor water fountain once a month.

You must replace the water completely once a month in order to protect the fountain from dust and other deposits and impurities. Ignore this step and the fountain may start to smell sour.

5. Clean the outdoor fountain itself once every three months.

This means disassembling the parts and giving careful attention to each piece. The manufacturer’s standard is a full cleaning once every three months. Scrub the inside and the outside but only use cleaning supplies that will be gentle to the finish.

6. Read the manufacturer’s notice for additional maintenance directions.

Not all fountains are created the same and some require special attention.

7. Do not add any foreign substances to outdoor fountains.

Be careful about adding any foreign substances to the fountain water. Foreign substances, harmless to you, could still potentially affect the pump, the finish or even the inner workings of the fountain.

8. Winterize your outdoor water fountains.

In order to avoid cracking, drain your fountain in the winter and take out the pump. Cover the basin with absorbent materials or a fountain cover.

9. Get rid of accumulating trash.

Debris like leaves, branches, mulch and other natural or unnatural materials can affect the performance of the pump. Even organic materials can release bacteria into the water and this will cause some smelly side effects. You can also buy special pond filters that catch these items.

10. Do not let water splash indoors.

Try and keep the surface level at just the right place—about an inch from the basin rim. Splashing water from outdoor water fountains can damage some surfaces like wood and tile. In fact, waterfalls and heavy splashing outdoor fountains are not recommended for interiors.

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