Tips for Worry Free Use of Tabletop Fountains

The beauty of tabletop fountains is the diversity in styles, sizes, and uses. These fountains are easy to carry, simple to set up, inexpensive, and require little maintenance. Anyone will enjoy using the benefits derived from tabletop fountains.

Uses for Your Tabletop Fountain

Instead of music in the background, use a water fountain. While some music can be soothing, it often becomes loud, busy, and eventually can wear you out. The music coming from a fountain is soothing and tranquil, encouraging a peaceful inner self, even during a busy time. It is also excellent background if you meditate, during prayer time, while reading, or even while doing simple chores.  Tabletop fountains can be easily moved from one room to another.

The office is another good place to use tabletop fountains. Most of us spend more time in the office than we do at home, making the office a logical location for a fountain. In addition, the office is generally where we are the busiest and most stressed. Having a fountain can provide a calming effect even during the busiest work day. Tabletop fountains can go on the desk, a file cabinet, or a bookshelf.

Maintaining a Fountain

Most manufacturers of tabletop fountains recommend using distilled water to prevent damage to the pump and other parts of the fountain. It’s necessary to periodically add water to the fountain, as it will evaporate over time. In addition, tabletop fountains should be cleaned periodically to prevent damage. Fountains outside should be drained completely or brought inside during the winter in areas subject to freezes.

To avoid concerns such as slow water flow, splashing, pump noise, or leaking you should ensure that your tabletop fountain is properly set up. The fountain should be placed on a steady, flat surface in a location that is not subject to frequent knocking or bumps. Most problems can be avoided with the proper installation of the pump and any other parts of the fountain. It should also be placed where the cord to the outlet is not in the way of traffic.

Tabletop fountains are a welcome addition to any home or office. They soothe our senses and help relax our minds. They improve the indoor air quality and give a feeling of freshness from the outdoors. These fountains come in all sizes, styles, and price ranges and can easily be researched and purchased online.