Tips for Adding a Solar Fountain to your Landscape

City dwellers and suburbanites alike are seeking water features for their landscapes. Whether a Koi pond, fountain, waterfalls, or larger body of water, water features enhance the visual appeal of your landscape as well as providing a relaxing venue to enjoy family and friends.

Many of these same people are becoming more concerned about protecting the environment and its resources, preferring to go green in as many aspects of their lives as possible. One way to accomplish both goals is to add a solar fountain to your landscape.

Solar fountains come in many styles and sizes, as well as price ranges. They all operate using a single solar panel that is connected to the fountain’s pump with a cord of varying lengths, depending on the fountain. The solar panel is placed in direct sunlight and uses the sun’s rays to produce and store energy, operating the fountain. With the solar panel being attached to a cord, the solar panel can be moved as necessary to take full advantage of the sun when it is desired that the fountain operate continuously.

Choosing a Solar Fountain

To ensure your satisfaction, there are some considerations that should be made prior to shopping for a solar fountain.

1. Style: What is your style, and what is the desired style of the yard? You do not want to put a contemporary style fountain in a classic traditional yard or a garden of wildflowers. The fountain’s design should complement the home’s architecture as well as that of the yard.

2. Location: Since you are not restricted to an outlet, you can place a solar fountain anywhere in your yard you desire. The size of the fountain however may depend on the location, so knowing where you intend to place it is important. Whether on the ground, a deck, a patio, or within a gazebo, as long as the solar panel  has access to direct sunlight, the solar fountain can be placed anywhere. It’s also a good idea to place it in a location that is not subject to a lot of falling debris so cleaning does not have to be as frequently.

3. Budget: Knowing how much you are able or willing to spend will make shopping for a solar fountain more efficient and easier. You can immediately discount the fountains that are higher priced than your budget allows.

Once you are armed with this information you are ready to shop for your solar fountain.