Three Types Of Tabletop Water Fountains You May Not Be Familiar With

When you think of tabletop water fountains, one particular image probably comes to mind: a low-profile, dark fountain with cream and brown stones, and water that flows gently over and through them. While that particular style is rather popular, you don’t need to be concerned if it’s not the sort of fountain you have in mind. With so many incredible varieties, sizes, and colors for tabletop water fountains, there’s absolutely no reason not to get a fountain that truly compliments your home or office aesthetic and your decorative sensibilities. Here are just three of the tabletop water fountains you may never have considered before.

Water Chimes, Or The Bell Fountain

In a water chime or bell fountain, the force of the water flowing across and through the fountain gently strikes metal bells or chimes, causing a soft chime to sound on occasional, regular intervals. Normally the sound of the chime is muted and gentle, simply enhancing the already soothing sound of running water. Water chimes are excellent for meditation and quiet spaces, and the metal of the bells are usually either treated with a special anti-tarnish coating, or else made from a metal that will eventually tarnish to a lovely patina.

Falling Water Tables

Falling water tables are tabletop water fountains with a small footprint and substantial vertical height. Usually, the water flows across a narrow, vertical sheet of stone, metal, or glass. This type of fountain is easy to fit in crowded spaces, and many fountains of this particular type can actually be wall-mounted themselves. While the smooth surface of the water table itself may lend itself to a quieter sound in general, if the water flows quickly, these fountains can make just as much sound as any other— if not more, due to their impressive height.

Light Up Fountains

Lit with either candles or waterproof LED lights, these fountains combine the water chi and fire chi important to Feng Shui into one harmonious design accent. While these fountains can come in any shape or size, they’re usually made with some amount of transparent or translucent material. The light highlights the beauty of the running water itself, making the flow of liquid sparkle like a river in sunlight. The LED fountains do tend to take additional electricity for obvious reasons, though not much; and if the light is provided via built in candleholders, no additional electricity is needed at all.