Three Reasons To Go Green With A Solar Garden Fountain

Everyone is interested in the environment lately, and it is our responsibility as citizens of this planet to do everything we can to protect and preserve its precious resources, and to maintain and properly care for it so that our children and their children’s children can have a world to live in that’s beautiful, healthy, and safe. While gardening itself is a wonderful and ecologically sound hobby, especially when used to grow food or done organically, there’s more that we can all do for our environment. When choosing a beautiful garden fountain to accent and enhance the natural charm of your garden, be sure to keep ecological concerns in mind: choose a solar garden fountain.

It’s Eco-friendly

Most fountains these days run on some form of electricity, and are either powered by an electrical outlet or a couple of batteries. As we all know, batteries are toxic to the Earth, and require special recycling in order to be disposed of properly. Even so, batteries have been known to leak alkaline fluids, which are inherently corrosive and dangerous to animals and anyone else who might touch it. Additionally, drawing electricity from an outlet more than likely means that you’re powering your fountain with non-renewable fossil fuel; sure, a fountain doesn’t take that much energy to run, but every little bit counts.

It’s Economical

As has probably occurred to you if you are an avid gardener, sunlight is free; no one sends your plants any bills for the light and energy they consume as they grow to maturity. Likewise, solar garden fountains run on the very same energy that allows your plants to thrive— and is just as smart a financial bet as growing your own food. No expensive batteries, no increase in your electricity bill— just sunlight.

It’s Beautiful

Solar garden fountains come in an incredible amount of sizes, shapes, styles and even price ranges, making it easy to find the perfect fountain for your garden, no matter what its theme might be. And it’s not as if solar fountains are covered in the little black photovoltaic cells we all associate with solar power, either; the new generation of solar garden fountains are discreet and subtle with their power collection, but just as energy efficient and smart a choice. In only a few minutes of browsing, it’s easy to find a garden fountain that fits your aesthetic as well as your lifestyle.