Three Easy Ways to Create a Peaceful Waiting Room

162wf_1113_generalWhen people come into your waiting room, they are most likely not happy to be there. They could be in pain, rushed for time, tired, impatient, running late for an appointment, or simply frustrated with having to wait. The more you can create a peaceful environment in your waiting room, the better.

While you obviously cannot take away all of their anxiety, frustration, anger, or impatience, you can create a waiting room that will ease their nerves. Here are three easy ways to create a more peaceful waiting room for your sake as well as the sake of the customers.

Start with Greenery

Bringing the outdoors inside can create a very peaceful and calm atmosphere. You can easily incorporate nature into your waiting room by choosing plants and decorative trees. Here are some tips on how to use greenery:

  • Opt for real plants. Fake plants always look fake and this will make it look as if you were most interested in saving money.
  • Choose plants that do not need much sunshine, unless you have quite a bit of natural sunshine coming in the office.
  • Make sure the plants stay alive and healthy. Unhealthy or dying plants will look depressing.
  • Choose plants that do not need as much watering since they will be easier to maintain.

Move On to Artwork

People are much more patient when they have something to look at. Make sure to decorate the walls of the waiting room. However, do not choose just any artwork. Here are some tips on choosing the right prints:

  • Do not pick those generic hotel prints that seem cheap and unfriendly.
  • Choose local artists. When you put up artwork from unknown artists in the area, you will pique the interest of the patients. They will forget that they are waiting.
  • Make sure to include plaques indicating information about the art so that patients can learn more about the art.
  • Pick warm and welcoming colors, like earth tones in the artwork.

Consider a Floor Water Fountain

The sound of running water and the sight of that water flowing over a wall or bubbling up a fountain can be extremely relaxing. A floor water fountain offers stress-relieving qualities and can make people much more patient with the wait time. Be sure to choose a floor water fountain that is in keeping with the style of your waiting room so that it blends well.

You can make small changes that will make your waiting room much more peaceful and much more conducive to patience for those who must wait in that room. Be sure to consider adding greenery, choosing the perfect art, and placing a floor water fountain.

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