The Variety in Home Wall Fountains

When someone thinks about wall fountains, they usually picture a fixture that is mounted in an exterior or outdoor location. This is unfortunate because the indoor wall fountains are just as attractive and appealing as their outdoor cousins. In fact, there is an ever increasing trend for interior designers and decorators to rely on them as major elements in a room or decorating scheme.

Let’s first assess the huge variety of options available to those interested in home wall fountains, and then we’ll consider how to select the right ones for your needs. First of all, it is essential to note that the home fountains come in a large array of materials and sizes.

You can find small fountains that look exactly like classic garden wall fountains, with the exception that they require no plumbing, are not made from heavy stone, and can easily be added to an indoor space with a suitable design theme. You can also find mid-sized to large fountains that rely on beautiful materials and lighting to convert them into something much more than just a unique decorative element.

For instance, it is relatively easy to find a handful of styles that use stone and metal in many different ways. You might have a modern decorating style that calls out for something like brushed metal and a mirrored or glass surface in the fountain. Alternately, you could have a much more organic sort of style and would be likely to choose a round fountain that looks as if it were made entirely of all natural stones.

There are options for people with “Arts and Crafts” style homes, log cabins, contemporary buildings, and nearly any other design imaginable.

Now that you understand the many choices you would have if you decided to add a home fountain to one (or even many) of the rooms in your house, you can learn about the steps necessary for selecting the best fountains for your space.

Firstly, you need to know that all fountains tend to require some sort of electrical supply if their pumps are to run properly. This means that you must ensure that long stretches of cord will not impede the walking areas around the fountains. Next, you may need to hire someone to assist in the installation if you don’t have some basic carpentry skills. Luckily, most people do have the ability to tackle the installation on their own, so this generally implies that there are no additional costs if the location for the fountain is chosen wisely.